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What is e-design?
     E-design is interior design done entirely online without ever having to visit the designer in person.
What is the process like?
     The e-design process varies by designer.  In my case, but generally consists of an initial client inquiry followed by a     
     response from the designer.  In my case,  
The process begins with the client contacting the interior designer via e-mail.  The designer then replies with general
     information, fee information, a contract,  and answers to specific questions the client may have.  If the client decides to
How is it the same as interior design?
   E-design is 
How is it different?
   E-design is 
What if I have questions?
  Should you have questions during the design process, you may contact me any time via e-mail.  I will reply within 48 hours.
How can we communicate?
     Generally by e-mail, or by chatting online. 
How much does it cost?
     Room styling is $400; room design is between $800 and $1200.  Room design plus purchasing is an additional $300.
     For additional information, visit e-design packages.
What is the payment method?
     Payment is through Paypal.
What add-on services are available?
   E-design is 
What if I have questions afer receiving the design package?